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Protect data-in-motion

with the same access policies

you have on data-at-rest

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Caber CA/CO: Zero Trust for Data-in-Motion

Access controls exist to protect application data.  But you can't control what you can't see and we can't see the data APIs move.   The best we can do is put access controls on APIs and blindly trust they move only the data we expect them to.   No wonder broken access control is the most common vulnerability in applications today. 

Caber CA/CO shines a light on the data APIs carry so not only can you see it, you can control it.

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Continuous Authorization

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Continuous Observability Screen Capture

Continuous Observability

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Revolutionary Approach

You wouldn't grant access to someone based on who they look like.  You need to know who they are.  That's why data classifiers and DLP won't work for access authorization -- they can only tell us what data looks like, not who it belongs to, who can access it, and where it came from.

Caber built a new architecture from the ground up that deterministically identifies data-in-motion and connects it back to the objects and tables it comes from.  Finally AppSec teams can have consistent protections whether data is at rest or in motion.

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