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APIs scattering your
data all over
the cloud?

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Get Control of Where Your Data Goes

Caber connects the data inside your APIs and object stores to deliver fine-grained data flow mapping with continuous authorization policy monitoring. Secure the data you didn't know was there, going to places you didn't think it could go.

Find Overlapping Objects

80% of cloud data is in files and objects.  Different versions of objects cached and copied between data stores with different access policies can be a security and compliance nightmare.  Caber matches sequences as small as 100 bytes between objects to discover records or embedded data  protected in one location but exposed in another.

Map Application Data Flow

Mapping data flows in an application is essential to building a system security plan.  Yet third-party services and mis-scoped APIs can move your data invisibly between services.  Caber looks inside of API payloads to map sequences of data as they move between data stores and services for unprecedented flow map accuracy and granularity.

Detect Broken Authorization

The #1 API security problem today is broken object level authorization.  Services unknowingly hand data to unauthorized users because they can copy an object's data but not its access policy. By monitoring API requests and tracing response data back to the object(s) it came from, Caber can evaluate an object's access policy anywhere its data is moved. 

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Designed as a security overlay, Caber deploys as a plug-in to your API gateways and proxies.  No agents needed.


Caber is built on top of the same computational technologies that changed the economics of large-scale DNA sequencing.


Caber lives in your cloud, not ours.  Your data never leaves the security of your environment.

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