Access Policies Exist to Protect Data

What if access controls actually saw the data they aimed to protect?

Data-in-Use Moves Invisibly

Services in modern applications are sprayed across the cloud. Securing the data-in-use flowing between them is crucial. But you can't secure what you can't see, and data-in-use is all but impossible to identify. Instead we spend billions securing APIs and streams yet blind trust in what data they carry has multiplied security incidents including:

Broken Access Control

Privacy Violations

Priviledge Escalation

Broken Object Authorization

Excessive Data Exposure

Security Misconfiguration


Caber identifies, tracks, and helps secure data-in-use so you can build, validate, and monitor access policies based on the data that’s actually flowing inside your applications.

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Zero Trust for Data-in-Use

Continuous Observability

Visuzlize data flow inside your application by ownership, permissions, source, and class to develop access policies that can be verified and monitored - avoid audit time surprises.

Continuous Authorization

Detect unauthorized access to data by applying least-privilege policy to accesses using API consumer identity and data-in-use permissions learned from existing metadata sources.

No Agents, No Code Changes

Deploy automatically with no changes to your application code for comprehensive coverage of data in APIs, streams, object stores, and databases.

Zero-Trust or Blind-Trust?

From helping build the first Secure-Access Service Edge (SASE) company, Caber founder and CEO Rob Quiros shares why today's application access controls are falling short.

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