Deterministic, Least-Privilege Access Control to Data Used with GenAI

Caber gives you granular control over what data can be sent to LLMs on a per-user basis using your existing user roles and source data permissions.

Control what data can be used with LLMs based on the user's credentials and the source data permissions

  • Data sent to LLMs from RAG and for fine-tuning models
  • Data copied and pasted by users into prompts
  • Data Returned in LLM and other API responses
  • Data copied into vector DBs or used to train new models
  • First Ever Access Control Directly on Data-in-Use

    Caber's patented architecture identifies data at the byte-level. With Caber, you control access to data-in-transit and data-in-use just like you control access to data-at-rest.

    Call graph shows exactly how an incident took place

    Data lineage tracing connects API payloads and vector DB chunks to source objects while similar object detection and permissions precedence put the right access controls in place.

    When incidents happen, Caber provides instant analysis with traces of the individual API calls that moved bytes from source to applications, RAG systems, and AI agents.

    Generate and Push Policies


    Caber is backed by data and security industry veterans from Cisco, Akamai, Riverbed, Netskope, Meta, and Oracle.

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