Caber CA/CO:
Unveiling a New Era of Data-Centric API Security


Imagine a world where your application security isn't just reactive but proactive, where every piece of data is monitored, authorized, and protected with the precision and care of a master craftsman. That's the world Caber is creating. With a cutting-edge platform designed for Continuous Observability, Continuous Authorization, and Continuous Enforcement, Caber is not just a new layer to your defense in depth; it's a quantum leap forward that brings existing security infrastructure along for the ride. Leveraging innovative data identification architecture and the power of generative AI, Caber offers a comprehensive solution to secure APIs and applications like never before.

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Continuous Observability: A New Lens on Data Identification

Caber introduces a revolutionary approach to identifying data in APIs and streams, akin to giving every fragment of data its own unique DNA signature. This method achieves over 95% accuracy in pinpointing data movements, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. With Caber, data identification transcends traditional barriers, eliminating dependencies on data formats or API specifications. This not only facilitates immediate deployment but also provides a robust foundation for mapping the intricate journey of data across your digital ecosystem. From the moment data enters your system to its final destination, Caber tracks its flow with unmatched precision, illuminating paths and connections that were once invisible.

  • Innovative Fingerprinting:Leveraging existing technologies for scale and speed, Caber identifies data by its unique byte sequences. This delivers resolutions down to 50 bytes, and no dependence on data format, API specs, or upfront training.
  • Comprehensive Data Mapping:Beyond identification, Caber uses these byte sequences like API trace-ids to map the flow of data across applications and APIs, providing visibility and insight into the inner workings of your application.
  • Agentless and Automated:Caber's self-service deployment integrates with cloud and application infrastructure, requiring no agents to gain a comprehensive view across data-at-rest, data-in-motion, and data-in-use.
Forensic Replay of Events

Continuous Authorization: AI-Backed Data-Flow Analysis and Anomaly Detection

Building on its observability foundation, Caber introduces an AI-backed analysis engine that maps and analyzes data flows, turning raw data movements into actionable intelligence. This engine doesn't just observe; it understands context, detects anomalies, and identifies unauthorized data flows with unparalleled accuracy. By integrating secondary metadata sources, Caber enriches its analysis, providing a multidimensional view of data interactions. This continuous authorization process is not just about alerting; it's about offering detailed forensic analysis that pinpoints security lapses and provides clear directives for remediation. With Caber, you're not reacting to breaches; you're preventing them, ensuring your data's integrity and compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Contextual Analysis:Caber's AI engine doesn't just observe data flows; it understands them, identifying authorization failures and anomalies with pinpoint accuracy, then providing detailed forensic maps of the data's journey.
  • Rich Metadata Integration:By mapping relationships between each data sequence and its metadata sources, Caber can deliver fine-grained and multilayered analysis, offering a deeper insight into each data transaction.
  • Proactive Anomaly Detection:The platform's capability to detect and alert on unauthorized data flows empowers organizations to preemptively address potential security breaches and run what-if scenario analysis on planned policy or application changes.
AI Data Flow Analysis

Continuous Enforcement: Dynamic Policy Generation for Data-Flow Control

The pinnacle of the Caber platform is its dynamic policy generation and enforcement capability. Caber doesn't just identify issues; it solves them. By intelligently tagging resources and selecting the most effective enforcement points, Caber can dynamically generate and apply data identity-aware policies with precision. This proactive stance means potential data leaks are not just detected but prevented, with policies tailored to the landscape of your application environment. Moreover, Caber's vigilant monitoring ensures that these policies achieve their intended effect without unintended consequences, maintaining the delicate balance between accessibility and security.

  • Intelligent Resource Tagging:Caber dynamically calculates the precedence of metadata according to preset or user-defined criteria, then tags resources to ensure the right policies are applied to the right data flows.
  • Dynamic Policy Generation:Based on your specifications, Caber generates security policies backed by actual data flow, pushing them to your existing control points to ensure real-time protection against unauthorized data movements.
  • Continuous Policy Monitoring:Policy enforcement is not the end but the beginning, feeding context back to Caber's analysis engine where policy effectiveness and impact can be monitored, then dynamically adjusted if needed.
Generate and Push Policies

Fully Automated, Self-Service Deployment

Designed with today's large enterprises in mind, Caber's agentless, automated deployment puts you in control. With a single click you gain immediate visibility into your application's data flows through a zero-impact gateway plugin and log-driven data collection. Incrementally deploy Caber resources to gain greater data flow resolution and tie-in external metadata sources for augmented analysis and anomaly detection. Then remove every trace of Caber from your application with a single click, leaving no footprint behind.

Self-service Deployment

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